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Who owns the contract?
WSCA-NASPO uses a "Lead State" model in issuing cooperative solicitations.  One  state leads the procurement, issues the solicitation and awards the contracts based on that state's statutory requirements and processes.  The Lead State owns and manages the contract(s).  You can find the name of the lead state contact by selecting a contract from the list here.  Other  states and many other governmental and eligible entities  have chosen to participate and have followed each entity's individual statutory processes to provide public notice and permit participation.  If you have questions, contact Paul Stembler (contact information below). 

Who can use WSCA-NASPO contracts?
All governmental entities within a  state are eligible to use WSCA-NASPO contracts, if the governmental entity has the legal authority to use their home state's contracts.  If you are not sure, check with either your home state's chief procurement official or contact Paul Stembler (contact information below).

What if my home state has chosen not to participate, but we want to use a WSCA-NASPO contract?
Each state and governmental entity has different statutory, legal and procedural requirements.  WSCA-NASPO contracts are solicited to allow the broadest possible participation, but the  answer depends on your individual legal and procedural requirements.  You should check with the Lead State contact listed on the contract page or contact Paul Stembler (contact information below) if you have questions.

I have questions about the WSCA-NASPO organization or other things related to WSCA-NASPO contracts. Who do I contact?

Paul Stembler, WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Development Coordinator
Tim Hay, WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Development Coordinator
Doug Richins, WSCA-NASPO CEO


Lee Ann Pope, WSCA-NASPO Program Manager
AMR Management Services
Voice: 859-402-9774
Fax: 859-514-9166


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